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Indoor Vertical Farm

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Vertical farms are a very promising and sustainable solution to the growing needs for healthy, local foods in densely populated urban areas. We believe vertical farms will play an indispensable role in our future global food production. In a vertical farm, plants are grown on multiple layers in a limited surface area, or in so-called towers. These farms are typically constructed in a traditional warehouse, converted industrial space or even in repurposed shipping containers. Using Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) technology where the growing systems are integrated with IoT enabled sensors, factors such temperature, light, humidity, and water quality can be controlled to optimize food production and result in greater yields.

Indoor Vertical Farms


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Ahmed Sheikh

Grow Locally!

"We wanted to grow locally and encourage everyone towards Climate Action. Growhub helped us reach our goals by helping us design and build our Indoor Vertical Farm."

Paul S.

Brilliant Concept!

"What a brilliant concept! We can finally turn the desert into a green space."

Swithun Andrade


"Growhub's IVF proposal was fantastic -very detailed with ROI and production turnover. I am confident that Warehouses can turn into great spaces for food/ crop production."