About us

growhub.ae is a supplier of seeds (vegetables and fruits), saplings, and other horticultural products for amateur gardeners. We pride ourselves on a high level of customer service which is second to none.


Hatim Morbiwala and Murtaza Taskin's mission is to help create Urban Growers. They founded growhub.ae which revolves around the UN Sustainable Development Goal SDG15 Life on Land. Their sole aim is to share the love of growing your own food via Education and Nurturing. With their extensive knowledge in Plant Care, Hydroponics, Indoor & Outdoor Farming, they are here to disrupt Urban Gardening on a whole new level.

With over 100+ high-quality edible seeds, 100+ Plants, 50+ care products, 100+ Lawn & Garden Accessories; growhub.ae is here to cater to your need of becoming an urban grower.

growhub.ae has an aggressive goal of expansion and will venture into other exciting areas of horticulture via different Service Offerings of which Plant Rescue is one of them!

Our vision is to be a one-stop-shop for high-quality horticultural products, garden equipment, and greenhouses, etc. We will not disappoint you.