Sustainability Pledge


To protect, restore and promote sustainable use and behavior of terrestrial ecosystems by 2030 is goal & vision.

We are closely associated with UAE’s mission towards Green Recovery by engaging in SDG15 (Life on Land) and SDG11 (Sustainable Cities & Communities). Founders Hatim Morbiwala and Murtaza Taskin come with a strong background on urban farming, innovation, research and technology. By engaging, educating and taking actions towards green recovery, they will undertake any challenge on restoring soil, plant rescue, converting spaces and landscapes and come up with solutions.

Workshops & Education Sessions
Our objective is to educate students, corporates and the community at large and raise awareness to understand and engage with us towards the Sustainable Development Goals SDG15 & SDG11.

Converting Spaces and landscapes to Edible Grow Spaces 
With innovation we can help convert your garden, rooftops and interior space into a grow space.

Plant Rescue Services
Plants surely bring joy and happiness in oneself. Watching them struggle to survive can be heartbreaking to say the least. With our experience and expertise we can help and assist you to restore the health of the plant. Our consultation services cater to all plants from household to garden plants. If you are wondering why the plants has not bloomed or borne fruits or vegetables, we will advise and guide you so that you can enjoy the produce.

Soil Treatment
The most essential part of a garden or grow area is the soil. Healthy soil will surely have healthy plants. Various constituents play an important role viz. fertilization, pH level, organic matter etc. As the plant grows it consumes the nutrients available in the soil and the same must be replenished. We will help you to get the soil healthy and full of nutrients so that the plants grow healthy and smiling.