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Lucky Bamboo Stick
Lucky Bamboo Stick Sale priceFrom AED 7
Peace LilyPeace Lily
Peace Lily Sale priceFrom AED 35
Money PlantMoney Plant
Money Plant Sale priceFrom AED 45
Snake PlantSnake Plant
Snake Plant Sale priceAED 45
Swiss Cheese PlantSwiss Cheese Plant
Swiss Cheese Plant Sale priceFrom AED 120
ZZ plantZZ plant
ZZ plant Sale priceFrom AED 50
Hanging Money Plant
Hanging Money Plant Sale priceAED 25
Variegated Rubber PlantVariegated Rubber Plant
Variegated Rubber Plant Sale priceFrom AED 35
Ornamental Succulents
Ornamental Succulents Sale priceFrom AED 25
Fiddle Leaf PlantFiddle Leaf Plant
Fiddle Leaf Plant Sale priceFrom AED 95
Parlor PalmParlor Palm
Parlor Palm Sale priceAED 40
Boston FernBoston Fern
Boston Fern Sale priceFrom AED 40
Lucky Bamboo
Lucky Bamboo Sale priceFrom AED 45
Monkey MonsteraMonkey Monstera
Monkey Monstera Sale priceAED 65
English IvyEnglish Ivy
English Ivy Sale priceFrom AED 45
Rubber PlantRubber Plant
Rubber Plant Sale priceFrom AED 35
Dieffenbachia CompactaDieffenbachia Compacta
Dieffenbachia Compacta Sale priceAED 40
Areca PalmAreca Palm
Areca Palm Sale priceFrom AED 205
Fiddle Leaf TreeFiddle Leaf Tree
Fiddle Leaf Tree Sale priceFrom AED 180
Calathea OrbifoliaCalathea Orbifolia
Calathea Orbifolia Sale priceAED 45
Dracaena Marginata HeadDracaena Marginata Head
Dracaena Marginata Head Sale priceAED 35
Philodendron BirkinPhilodendron Birkin
Philodendron Birkin Sale priceAED 45
Bird Of ParadiseBird Of Paradise
Bird Of Paradise Sale priceFrom AED 90
Spider PlantSpider Plant
Spider Plant Sale priceAED 40