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Canna GreenCanna Green
Canna Green Sale price From AED 12 Regular priceAED 15
Umbrella PalmUmbrella Palm
Umbrella Palm Sale priceAED 15
Desert RoseDesert Rose
Desert Rose Sale priceFrom AED 45
Snake PlantSnake Plant
Snake Plant Sale priceAED 45
Variegated PandanusVariegated Pandanus
Variegated Pandanus Sale priceFrom AED 15
Snake PlantSnake Plant
Snake Plant Sale priceFrom AED 35
Pink PixiePink Pixie
Pink Pixie Sale priceFrom AED 35
Wide Leaf PandanusWide Leaf Pandanus
Wide Leaf Pandanus Sale priceFrom AED 22
Outdoor Spider PlantOutdoor Spider Plant
Outdoor Spider Plant Sale priceFrom AED 20
Canna RedCanna Red
Canna Red Sale priceFrom AED 15
Not in Season
Rain Lily
Rain Lily Sale priceAED 30
Emerald FeatherEmerald Feather
Emerald Feather Sale priceAED 25
Pandanus Sale priceFrom AED 15
Thuja OrientalisThuja Orientalis
Thuja Orientalis Sale priceFrom AED 45
Cardboard Palm
Cardboard Palm Sale priceAED 95
Spider Lily
Spider Lily Sale priceAED 25
Bird Of ParadiseBird Of Paradise
Bird Of Paradise Sale priceFrom AED 350