5 common microgreen problems and how to fix it

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Have you ever tried growing this nutritious microgreen at home but failed due to the fungus growing in your microgreens. It may seem easy to grow microgreens but a variety of factors can hamper their growth and lead to infections. No matter what is the size of the plant every plant needs proper care. Well, it’s time for you to get the microgreen seeds and start planting them again as we are going to share some common problems that arise while growing microgreens and how to fix them. So don’t give up on microgreens this early as the tips we will be sharing will lead to the perfect microgreen just like you desired to grow.

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1. Uneven growth

Are you worried when you see uneven growth in your microgreens? Some of the microgreens are short, others are tall and some seeds are at germinating stage. There are several reasons for that so let’s have a look at it.

Remedy for uneven growth

  • The main reason behind the uneven growth of microgreens is seed placement. If you plant too many seeds in a tray they won’t allow themselves to germinate. You can use a dispensing bottle which will result in the evenly spread of the seedlings.
  • Your microgreen needs to be covered during the germination period but after that, microgreens need to get enough share of sunlight. You can do that by rotating the tray so that they get enough amount of sunlight.

2. Microgreens turning yellow

When you remove the microgreens from the blackout period they will look yellowish. This is because the microgreens were not exposed to sunlight and the photosynthesis process is not started yet. Once you expose them to sunlight they’ll start turning green. But if they don’t turn green you need to check the following things.

  • Water the microgreens properly ensuring that you water the roots. Overwatering can also be the reason that your microgreens are turning yellow.
  • Check if your microgreens are given the correct blackout time. After the germination period, make sure your microgreens receive enough sunlight.

3. Molds are growing

If you have seen a white fuzzy growth near the roots of the microgreens don’t confuse it with molds. But if you see a white cobweb between the leaves and the stem your microgreens are suffering from molds. So don’t confuse the fine hair near the roots of the microgreen with mold.

Remedy for mold

  • Mold is usually caused in a warm and humid environment. So keep your microgreens away from the humid environment. Overwatering can also lead to humidity so water when it is necessary.
  • To remove molds from your microgreen use a soft cloth and gently wipe across microgreens.
  • Expose your microgreens to sunlight. Prove sunlight and ventilation are effective ways to prevent your microgreens from molds.

4. Slow germination

You have planted the seeds but it is taking a long time to grow. Germination of seeds usually takes 3 to 4 days but if it is taking longer spray some water to increase the moisture level of the soil. Even if there are too many seeds in a tray it may hinder their growth and lead to slow germination. That’s why it is necessary to water the microgreens regularly, expose them to sunlight, and plant seeds at a distance.

5. Microgreens falling over

It's a terrible sight to see microgreens fall. The falling microgreen indicates that they have lost their energy and are about to wilt. The microgreens in the tray's center begin to tilt to the tray's sides. This could be caused by a lack of water or light. So it is necessary to water them but make sure you don’t water them too much. Low sunlight is also one of the reasons your microgreens are falling. So remember these tiny greens requires adequate sunlight to thrive.

We hope you find the solution to your microgreens problem after reading the article. If you want to buy microgreen seeds or are interested to start gardening, do visit us and we will help you set up your garden.

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