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With Christmas just around the corner, many may be rushing through stores as a last-minute shoppers. But wait, you don’t have to rush anywhere as we are here with some awesome gifts ideas. As many people have turned towards gardening it’s a great idea to gift them gardening essentials and support them. We have covered some unique stuff which you can gift to a gardener and make them happy.

Microgreens kit

The microgreen kit is one of the best gifts for gardeners as well as for non-gardeners. Microgreens being delicious are also packed with nutrients. The microgreen kit contains three grow pots with waterproof lining so they can be used again. The attractive grow pots make the perfect indoor or window sill garden. The kit contains 3 glass bottles with Mustard, Kale, and Sorrel seeds. Apart from this, the kit contains 1 dehydrated cocopeat bag so you can nourish your microgreens. You can buy this amazing kit by clicking on the link.

Decor planters

A plant lover is never satisfied with the plants they have, they always want more plants. So if you know someone who loves plants or someone who is just starting their garden then decor planters are the perfect gift for them. Every garden needs a planter so why not have a unique and decorative planter. A decor planter is perfect for indoor gardening so get one now.

Christmas tree

Have you celebrated Christmas with a Christmas tree? I know you haven’t. This Christmas gift your loved ones a Christmas tree. Decorate it together and enjoy Christmas. After Christmas, they’ll have a beautiful tree in their garden.

Healthy plant brew pack

Name a tea lover and we have a gift for them too. Tea is almost consumed daily so why not make it a healthy drink. The plant brew pack is perfect to make your normal tea more healthier. The healthy plant brew pack consists of Lemongrass, Holy Basil, and Mint. Give a perfect start to the day with the plant brew pack. It’s time to become healthy.

Seed pencils

A unique and thoughtful gift you can gift someone on Christmas Eve. You may have used various pencils but this one is special. It is a pencil with a capsule at the tip. You can use it as a normal pencil but when the pencil becomes too short to use place it in the soil. When the seed capsule is exposed to moisture it releases the seed and a plant grows out of it. These are environmentally friendly, biodegradable pencils. The pencils are color-coded and each color indicates a plant. Sounds interesting, right. Get these seed pencils now.

Gardening tools

Gardening is impossible without plants, just like that it is impossible without gardening tools. In order to take proper care of your plants, it is essential to have the tools. This can be a perfect gift for a garden lover. You can gift them a gardening kit or you can order various tools that they don’t have. This Christmas let’s gift useful gifts.

Wall hanging

Got no space for more plants? Well, a wall hanging planter can solve your problem. Add colors to the dull walls by planting more plants. The wooden hanging can be a perfect addition to the garden. If you want to inspire people to gardening gift them this wall hanger. No one can stop themselves from planting in these wall hangers. They are made from wood and are creative enough to add life to your garden. You can even customize them and design them as per your choice. Order them now.

It’s time to become cautious about our actions. The plants we grow today will help us in the future. This Christmas try to be more environmentally friendly and gift your loved ones with these amazing ideas.

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