Top 5 office plants to boost your productivity

You might think it's strange to discuss office plants, but I believe they're one of the most crucial components of fostering a pleasant workplace atmosphere. Adding some plants will go a long way toward improving your health, brightening up your desk, or simply improving the overall mood in the office setting. One of the simplest ways to liven up any office space is to have the perfect plant on hand, especially if your desk is near to a window with natural light flowing in. Well, we are going to share some plants that you can keep at your desk which will lift your mood.

1. Succulents & Cacti

Succulents & Cacti top the list when it comes to low-maintenance plants. You just need to water them once a week. These plants store water in their leaves, stems, or both. Succulents and cacti can be a great option for your desk. Many types and species are having different shapes, sizes, and colors. You can choose the type that fascinates you. These plants can also look eye captivating on a conference room table. You can get a wide range of Succulents and Cacti by clicking the link below.


The little adorable bonsai are must have plants at your office. Bonsai is a great stress reliever at the workplace. You will need to water the plant regularly to keep the soil moist. Bonsai purifies the air around you and keeps the surroundings purified. Adding them can be a beautiful addition to your desk and it can even turn out a lifelong hobby for you.

3.Snake Plant

The tall-shaped leaves of the snake plant make it a perfect decor for offices. Snake plant is an indoor plant so it can survive without sunlight. As snake plant requires less water they are ideal plants to keep in the office. Snake plants are also known as air purifiers as they clean the air from toxic substances. Most importantly it is low maintenance plant that can thrive well in full sun, full shade, and even when there is a lack of water. You can get your plants by clicking on the link.

4. Aglaonema

This vibrant new plant is sure to add some color and personality to your workspace. Aglaonema, often known as "aglos" or Chinese evergreens, is well-known for the color of its leaves. While many have dark green leaves, they can also contain silver or crimson flecks. The scientific name comes from two Greek words: 'aglaos,' which means bright, and 'nama,' which means filament or thread, and refers to the beautiful stamens produced within the flowers. It is a beloved plant among the Chinese, who regard it as a symbol of longevity. It's very easy to maintain—it produces the greatest color in stronger light, but it can also flourish in low light.

5.Spider plant

Spider plants are a popular and durable office plant that may be hung or placed on a pedestal. Spider plants are one of the best indoor plants for eliminating VOCs and other contaminants. These popular plants can thrive well in offices because of the way their progeny hand down from shoots giving them an arachnid aspect. You can normally skip a few days between watering sessions but keep eye on them as they may dry out. They also need indirect light, so they'll thrive in a gloomy, windowless office. Spider plants are one of the best indoor plants for eliminating VOCs and other contaminants.

6.Peace Lily

Another low-maintenance office plant is the peace lily, which features huge white flowers and a splash of greenery. These beautiful Peace lilies are excellent for your office because they not only absorb mold spores in the air but also absorb their water before releasing it back into their surroundings. Make sure to keep your peace lily in a dry area. Avoid keeping peace lily in direct sunlight but you can keep the peace lily in the morning light. You should also maintain its soil moist and lightly water its leaves on a regular basis. If you to freshen up your work environment don’t forget to add some plants to it. You can buy a variety of plants at the best prices at View our Residential Services Contact us +971 56 3883 123

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