DIY your meditation garden at home

DIY your meditation garden at home
Meditation is the process of gaining clarity through mindfulness. Meditation not only increases your focus and attention but it is proven beneficial for your health too. In the constant race of juggling between work life and personal life, you often forget to take care of yourself. Peace has somewhere disappeared from our lives due to our hectic schedules. Mindfulness is as important as exercise is to your body. Therefore it has become essential to meditate and find peace. Though there are various ways to meditate, stepping into nature releases stress and provides peacefulness. Gardens are linked to peacefulness and calmness. They help you declutter the noise around you and are the best place to meditate. If you want to seek mindfulness there’s no better place to meditate than your garden. Let’s create a positive environment by designing your garden so you can experience mindfulness and give your 100% best in every situation. Before creating the garden you need to consider a few things so you can get the best out of your garden.

Factors to consider while creating your meditation garden

1. Sun and Wind conditions

What is your ideal location to do meditation? Do you like sunny in the morning and shady in the evening? Choose a place that fits the kind of atmosphere you want to be in. Ideally, you shouldn’t choose a site that has harsh elements, strong sunlight, and winds so you won’t get distracted by the surroundings. If you love rain and its sound, put a shade under which you can do meditation.

2. Sounds

Meditation needs a silent environment so you can stay calm and experience peace. You should choose a place that has rustling leaves sound, flowing water sound, or birds chirping, something that is close to nature.

3. Sights

It is sure that you won’t meditate in front of a blank wall or a place that feels negative. In order to be at peace plant more trees and flower saplings so there is a colorful sight in front of your eyes. Invest in your favorite plants, garden statues, water elements, or rocks. Plant more trees so you can sit beneath the tree and experience a cool atmosphere. You can get plants, decor, and other gardening essentials at

4. Shape and size of the garden

The size of the meditation garden solely depends on the number of people and the area you have. If you want a pattern or garden of a specific shape you can do that. Don’t forget to plant trees all around so it feels pleasant and positive. You can always look for garden inspiration so you can come up with the best design. A small meditation garden is equally effective as a large garden. The purpose remains the same. Now that you have analyzed your space and visualized the garden it's time to create the garden and decorate it with items to create a pleasant atmosphere.

How to create a meditation garden

1. Site selection and preparation

Now that you have chosen a site according to the sun and wind factor, it’s time to prepare the land. Clear the selected space by removing all the weeds and stones. Even the space and choose a surface you wish to have, it can be grass, bricks, etc.

2. Add plants to beautify the place

Plants play a major role in the garden but for the meditation garden, you can stick to a few plants suggested below. Add a variety of plants to your garden as it adds colors and positivity to your garden. You can even choose your favorite plants for your garden.

3. Statues and objects

Investing in statues and objects will help create a meditation zone or peaceful environment in your garden. There are endless possibilities of statues and objects to keep in your garden but the ideal ones are:
  • Sculptures and statues
Statues and sculptures are great elements to add to your garden. You can create a sculpture of an animal or any special shape that symbolizes peace. Choose statues and sculptures that instill peace in you.
  • Water elements
The sound of water is calming and therefore you can add a water element to your garden. It can be a fountain, a trickling water feature, fish ponds, water bowls, etc.
  • Stones and pebbles
Rocks can surely help you add steadiness to your peace zone. You can either place a huge rock in your garden or rockeries to form a pattern.
  • Bird houses A special addition to your garden are bird houses. They attract beautiful birds if you leave some seeds and a bowl of water. The sound of birds chirping soothes and helps to keep your mind in a balanced state for improved decision-making skills throughout the day.
We hope you create a peaceful meditation garden that serves you best. A meditation garden is incomplete without plants so add more plants to your garden. Your gardening buddy is there to fulfill all your gardening requirements. So what are you waiting for, get those plants and statues and get your meditation garden started. Landscaping services: We create beautiful Landscapes - Check out our Portfolio Project Zoya - Holistic Resort Project Zoya | growhub | Buy Indoor and Outdoor Edible Gardening Plants & Supplies in the UAE | GrowHub Contact Us for Landscaping Services +971 56 3883 123

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