White Pebbles | 20KG

To cover an area of, 1-square meter, you will need approximately 40 to 50 kilograms of material.

Size: 1cm - 2cm
Sale priceAED 29

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White Pebbles | Garden Décor

To cover an area of 1 square meter, you will need approximately 40 to 50 kilograms of material.

Embrace the beauty of nature with White Pebbles. With our large selection of colors and sizes, there's a pebble for every occasion. Large white pebbles are great for large areas such as gardens, courtyards, and Japanese gardens while small white pebbles are perfect for flowerbeds, water features, and pots.

White pebbles are a natural product found in many places. They're typically made from sandstone or granite and can be used in gardens, ponds and even fish tanks. These fascinating rocks are easy to find, maintain and use in creative ways.

White pebbling is a landscaping technique that uses natural stones as an ornamental element. It involves adding white stones to an area to make it look more attractive and cleanse the air. In addition, white pebbling makes a space look more inviting to visitors.

Gardening with white pebbles is a great way to clean up an unkempt area. White pebbling looks like regular garden soil and doesn't draw attention to itself. This makes it a good way to disguise messy areas like old concrete or gravel paths. You can also use white pebbling around plants to protect them from sunlight damage and keep them fresh. Plus, it looks great when you sprinkle the stones around your favorite flowers or vegetable beds.

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