Pongamia Tree

(Pongamia Glabra )

Evergreen tree with clusters of fragrant, white or pink flowers and hard, durable wood.

Height: 2.2m - 2.8m

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Pongamia glabra, commonly known as Pongam or Indian Beech, is a medium-sized evergreen tree that belongs to the Fabaceae family. It is native to India, Myanmar, and Sri Lanka but has been introduced to other tropical and subtropical regions around the world. The tree can grow up to 4 meters in height and has a spreading crown with a diameter of up to 10 meters. The leaves of the Pongam tree are alternate, pinnate, and have 6-9 leaflets that are oblong or elliptic in shape. The tree produces fragrant, white or pinkish flowers that are arranged in racemes. The fruit of the Pongam tree is a pod that is 2-3 inches long and contains 1-4 seeds. The seeds are round, brown, and have a hard outer shell. Pongamia glabra is a valuable tree for its many uses. The oil extracted from the seeds is used for a variety of purposes, including as a biofuel and in traditional medicine.

Caring for your Pongamia Tree

Light Guide - Direct Sunlight
Pet Friendliness - Yes