Orange Geiger Tree

(Cordia Sebestena )

Shrub or small tree with orange, trumpet-shaped flowers and glossy leaves.

Height: 1.8m - 2m

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The Orange Geiger Tree, also known as Cordia Sebestena, is a small to medium-sized evergreen tree that is native to the Caribbean, Central America, and South America. It typically grows to a height of 1.7m to 3m, with a spread of 1.5m to 2.5m. The tree has a rounded, dense crown with glossy, dark green leaves that are oval-shaped and up to 10cm long. The most striking feature of the Orange Geiger Tree is its vibrant, trumpet-shaped flowers that bloom in clusters at the end of the branches. The flowers are a bright orange color and can be up to 5cm in diameter. They appear in late winter or early spring and continue to bloom throughout the summer months. The Orange Geiger Tree is a popular ornamental plant in tropical and subtropical regions due to its beautiful flowers and glossy foliage.

Caring for your Orange Geiger Tree

Light Requirements - Direct Sunlight
Pet Friendliness - Yes