Council Tree

(Ficus Altissima )

Large, old-growth tree with cultural or spiritual significance.

Height: 2.2m - 2.8m
Sale priceAED 350

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The Council Tree, also known as Ficus Altissima, is a popular indoor plant that is native to Southeast Asia and Australia. It is a member of the fig family and is known for its large, glossy leaves that can grow up to 30cm in length. The leaves are a vibrant green color and have a slightly wavy edge, giving the plant a unique and attractive appearance.

The Council Tree is a relatively easy plant to care for and can thrive in a variety of indoor environments. It prefers bright, indirect light and should be watered regularly, but not overwatered. The plant can grow up to 4m in height, but can be pruned to maintain a more manageable size.

In addition to its aesthetic appeal, the Council Tree is also known for its air-purifying properties. It can help to remove toxins such as formaldehyde and benzene from the air, making it a great choice for homes and offices.

Overall, the Council Tree is a beautiful and easy-to-care-for plant that can add both visual appeal and health benefits to indoor spaces.

Caring for your Council Tree

Light Requirements - Partially Shaded
Pet Friendliness - No