Chinese Fan Palm

A palm tree with large, fan-shaped leaves that is native to China.

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The Chinese Fan Palm, also known as Livistona Chinensis, is a popular ornamental plant that is native to southern Japan, Taiwan, and China. It is a slow-growing palm that can reach up to 30 feet in height, but typically grows to around 15 feet tall. The plant has a single trunk that is covered in a fibrous, brownish-gray bark, and is topped with a crown of large, fan-shaped leaves that can grow up to 6 feet in length. The leaves of the Chinese Fan Palm are a bright, glossy green color and are deeply divided into numerous segments that give them a feathery appearance. The plant produces small, yellowish-white flowers that are borne on long, branching inflorescences that emerge from the base of the leaves. The Chinese Fan Palm is a hardy plant.

Caring for your Chinese Fan Palm

Light Requirements - Partially Shaded, Direct Sunlight
Pet Friendliness - Yes