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Hanging Money Plant
Hanging Money Plant Sale priceAED 25
Purple Tongue
Purple Tongue Sale priceAED 95
Arrowhead PlantArrowhead Plant
Arrowhead Plant Sale priceAED 45
Tabletop PachiraTabletop Pachira
Tabletop Pachira Sale priceAED 45
Spider PlantSpider Plant
Spider Plant Sale priceAED 40
Elephant's EarElephant's Ear
Elephant's Ear Sale priceAED 70
Bird Of ParadiseBird Of Paradise
Bird Of Paradise Sale priceFrom AED 90
Variegated Umbrella PlantVariegated Umbrella Plant
Variegated Umbrella Plant Sale priceFrom AED 35
Rubber PlantRubber Plant
Rubber Plant Sale priceFrom AED 35
Flamingo PlantFlamingo Plant
Flamingo Plant Sale priceAED 55
Ficus BenjaminaFicus Benjamina
Ficus Benjamina Sale priceFrom AED 170
Red MacheraRed Machera
Red Machera Sale priceFrom AED 70
Dracaena Compacta HeadDracaena Compacta Head
Dracaena Compacta Head Sale priceAED 45
Dracaena Lemon Lime HeadDracaena Lemon Lime Head
Dracaena Lemon Lime Head Sale priceAED 50
Fantasy VeniceFantasy Venice
Fantasy Venice Sale priceFrom AED 45
Not in Season
Chinese Money PlantChinese Money Plant
Chinese Money Plant Sale priceAED 45
Umbrella PlantUmbrella Plant
Umbrella Plant Sale priceFrom AED 60
Philodendron Scandens ClimberPhilodendron Scandens Climber
Tall PachiraTall Pachira
Tall Pachira Sale priceFrom AED 295
Dracaena WarneckiiDracaena Warneckii
Dracaena Warneckii Sale priceFrom AED 170
Tropical Oasis
Tropical Oasis Sale priceAED 1,025
Urban Jungle
Urban Jungle Sale priceAED 480
Jade PlantJade Plant
Jade Plant Sale priceAED 45
Snake Plant CylindricaSnake Plant Cylindrica
Snake Plant Cylindrica Sale priceAED 60