Mediterranean Plant Bundle

(Oleander | Lantana | Rosemary | Sky Flower | Thai Jasmine)

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This Outdoor Plant Bundle offers a diverse and hardy selection of plants for your garden. Each species brings its own unique beauty and benefits, making it a great choice for gardeners of all levels. With proper care, these plants can provide lush foliage and beautiful blooms for years to come.

The bundle includes:

1x Nerium Oleander | 60cm to 80cm
1x Lantana - Lantana Camara | 30cm to 40cm
1x Rosemary Herb - Rosmarinus officialis | 30cm to 40cm
1x Sky Flower - Duranta Repens | 30cm to 50cm
1x Thai Jasmine - Murraya Paniculata | 60cm to 80cm

Caring for your Mediterranean Plant Bundle

Light Requirements - Partially Shaded, Direct Sunlight
Pet Friendliness - Yes