7 Gardening trends you will see in 2022

7 Gardening trends you will see in 2022

In 2022, gardens will be thriving—and blooming—all around the world, thanks to fresh concepts devised by creative minds wanting to get outside. Even gardening is popular at the moment. Since the beginning of the pandemic, we've seen gardening popularity expanding as more people demand access to fresh food and more control over where their food comes from. A new generation of first-time gardeners has emerged, seeking suggestions, techniques, and assistance. We're all set to assist you!

1. Learning and buying online

Due to the high demand for plants and seeds nurseries are facing a shortage of plants. Even it is hard to find some rare plants. The offline scarcity of plants has led consumers to online shopping of seeds and plants. It’s hard for nurseries and growers to fulfill consumer needs as plants take time to grow. If you are not able to find the plant of your choice, do visit Growhub.ae to buy your desired plants. Another rising trend among gardeners is attending virtual meets and sharing gardening tips in groups.

2. Indoor gardening

Garden Indoor

Yes, indoor plants have gained the spotlight as stay-at-home workers need more greens around them. This trend isn’t fading away as more people are working from home and desire to make their home spaces enjoyable. People are now growing herbs, vegetables, and microgreens inside their homes. Even in small spaces, people are doing gardening. So what is stopping you from making your own indoor garden? Learn how to create an indoor garden. If you don’t know how to set up your indoor garden do visit Growhub.ae.

3. Growing microgreens

MicroGreens GrowHub

Microgreens are getting popular because of the nutrients they provide. These tiny leaves take 7 to 10 days to grow. Microgreens can grow easily in less space, are loaded with nutrients, and are rich in flavor. You can easily have microgreens without investing extra time and money. You need to have high-quality microgreen seeds to get started. You can even grow microgreens of various vegetables at home with minimal supplies.

Learn how to grow microgreens at home.

4. Vertical gardening

Who says you only need a floor for gardening when you can build your garden on a wall. If you are tight on space you should go for vertical gardening. It’s a technique that works indoors as well as outdoors. The vertical garden adds brighten up your home and adds colors. You can even use vertical gardens to grow herbs at home. Lots of restaurants are turning towards vertical gardening as it amps up the decor with minimal effort.

5. Getting kids involved

Gardening Growhub

As children are spending more time at home due to home schooling and distance learning, parents are finding ways to take their children outdoor and keep them busy. In addition to the many health benefits of playing outside, kids will learn new things and may develop an interest in gardening. To generate interest in children get them their own set of gardening tools and let them take care of the plants. This brings many learning opportunities for the children.

6. Incorporating raised bed gardens

Raised Bed Gardening

Gardening at home is quite common these days. It is even possible to do gardening in less space using raised bed gardening. Raised bed gardens are trending as these let you keep your garden tidy and organized. They are not only practical but visually a real eye-catcher. A raised bed can be placed in a small place or even on a balcony. Experience gardening without bending using raised bed.

Learn how to do raised bed gardening.

6. Growing food at home

There’s nothing better than growing food at home. Nowadays, people love to grow vegetables rather than buy them from the market. Gardeners experience joy in growing the vegetables on their own. The advantage of growing at home is that you can eat chemicals and pesticides free food at a low price as compared to the market price.

If you wish to have a beautiful garden, we are ready to set it up for you. You can get all the gardening essentials from Growhub.ae and we will assist you in setting up your place.

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