Sustainable Spaces

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We transform ordinary spaces into beautiful, food-producing landscapes. We specialize in everything from food forests & herb gardens to urban farms. We work with institutions including schools, universities, community centers & restaurants.


Growhub provides you with a full range of landscaping services from design to construction for residential and commercial projects, as well as services to maintain your landscape to keep them green and luscious.

Our work starts with a site investigation from which we start designing the landscape, incorporating elements such as soft scaping, hardscaping, flooring, decking, wooden work, water features, and automated irrigation. Finally, once the design is approved, we begin with the landscape build, all done using sustainable practices to reduce any environmental stresses.

Growhub Supports

Urban Farm

Urban farming is the practice of growing and distributing food in or around urban areas. These farms centers normally focusing on improving food access, food transportation, and food quality leading towards a healthier life.

We transform ordinary spaces into beautiful, food-producing urban farms. Our specialty lies in everything from food forests & herb gardens to urban gardening. Our work consists of builds with institutions including real estate companies, community centers, restaurants, schools & universities, offering services including consultation, design, and installation of grow areas.


Growhub living wall system is used to build vertical gardens using real plants. These types of green compositions are perfect as a unique, effective, and original decoration for open spaces (gardens, parks, playgrounds) as well as interiors (houses, company facilities, shopping malls).

For our clients, we provide a comprehensive vertical garden implementation service, ranging from consulting, through design and assembly, to plant service. We also provide advice on the selection of plants to match the individual needs of the client, the character of the interior, and the aesthetics of the project.

System Features
Versatility: Can be used or outside the building.
Size: Can be used on any surface.
Ease: Easy to assemble and disassemble using basic tools.
Durability: Resistance to damage and external factors.
Modularity: The system of replaceable pots allows for the care of individual plants.


We have a range of premium quality imported indoor and outdoor plants that would fit in perfectly in offices, libraries, malls, restaurants, and any public space.  


Hydroponics is playing a vital role in the agricultural industry, providing commercial and domestic growers with the ability to grow a wide variety of fresh produce, in otherwise harsh environments.

Our hydroponic expertise allows us in meeting your specific requirements ranging from projects of small to large scale. Along with the build and installation of the hydroponic systems, we also offer dedicated harvest plans, irrigation and fertigation strategies, technical support, and training.


We construct state-of-the-art greenhouses fully aligned with the client’s requirements. Starting from design and conception to execution and maintenance, our skills encompass all aspects of greenhouse projects, providing a comprehensive service. From the very basic net houses to the most elaborate, high-tech greenhouses, we build them all.


We offer a range of plants, DIY Plant Kits that makes great Corporate Green Gifts for Employees and Clients. Yes! We customize the pots with your Logo! We also deliver edible and flowering plants for schools that make a great green gift.


Office plant service and maintenance.

Keeping plants looking their best requires deft skill and proven experience. Our Customer Service Specialists are office plant service experts who have been trained to properly water, prune, feed, clean and dust your plants. They will take full ownership of the livelihood of your plants.