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Creating a Hydroponics Rose Farm
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Hydroponic System
Fastens Flower Growth By 50%
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AWG Project - Hydroponics Rose Farm

Growhub has created the first indoor rose farm in the UAE using a hydroponic Dutch bucket system. The farm consists of ten steel structures with MDF sheet cladding, each housing four automated LED grow lights that mimic the natural sunlight. Clay pebbles form the base of the buckets, with a mixture of coco peat and perlite placed on top for the roses to grow.

An irrigation and dosing unit is installed to regulate the water supply. This innovative system allows for year-round production of high-quality roses without the need for harmful chemicals.

Project Specifications

Project: AWG
Hydroponics Rose Farm
Area: Jumeirah, Dubai
Year: 2022

Project Scope



Indoor Rose Farm



One of the most common flowers grown hydroponically is the Rose. The hydroponic system, fastens fower growth by 50%

Hydroponics Rose Farm