Orchid 2 Stem | 40cm

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Super rare and extremely sought-after: orchids Phalaenopsis with a long flowering period. This makes this houseplant flowering plant a real eye-catcher.

Product Information:
Did you know? The name “Orchid” comes from Greek and means “view of the moth”. Their flowers are reminiscent of butterflies that float gracefully above the leaves. These specimens were carefully colored. In the second flowering phase, it is white again.
Plant Care:
Your carefully colored orchid feels most comfortable in a bright but not too sunny place. Semi-shaded places such as east or west windows are best suited. it like little direct sunlight, it can even lead to burns of the leaves. So don’t put it in the blazing sun, the plant is sensitive!

Plant Placement:
Pour your orchid once a week with lime-free, room-warm water or immerse it briefly in it. But don’t leave water in the planter. Fertilize it every 2 weeks from May to October with orchid fertilizer and spray it regularly with water, as it enjoys high humidity as a tropical plant.

Our plants are always supplied with nursery pots. Please note, therefore, that the size specifications always refer to the height of the plant including the plant pot. Deviations of a few centimeters cannot always be ruled out as you are buying a natural living product. The height depends on several factors and can also vary slightly seasonally.

Note: The mentioned height of the plant is inclusive of the pot.

Origin: South-East Asia, the Philippines, and Australia
Family Name: Orchidaceae
Flower Color: Mix

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