Banana Plant - Musa Paradisiaca | 100cm to 2.5m

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Musa Paradisiaca, also known as Banana Plant, is a fast-growing tropical plant native to Southeast Asia. This iconic plant is known for its large, lush leaves and delicious, sweet fruit that is a staple food source in many cultures around the world. The leaves of the Banana Plant can reach up to 9 feet in length and are held aloft by a thick, fleshy stem that is often used as a decorative accent in outdoor spaces.

The plant produces clusters of sweet, juicy fruit that are rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, making them an excellent source of nutrition. Musa Paradisiaca is easy to care for and is well-suited to warm, humid climates, making it an excellent choice for gardeners looking to add a tropical touch to their outdoor spaces. Whether you’re looking for a delicious fruit source, a striking accent for your garden, or simply a hardy, low-maintenance plant, Musa Paradisiaca is an excellent choice.

Plant Care:

  1. Light: Prefers bright, indirect sunlight. Can tolerate some shade, but fruit production may be reduced.
  2. Water: Keep soil consistently moist, but not waterlogged. Water thoroughly and allow the top inch of soil to dry out slightly between waterings.
  3. Soil: Prefers well-draining, fertile soil with a neutral to slightly acidic pH.
  4. Fertilization: Fertilize every 4-6 weeks with a balanced, water-soluble fertilizer during the growing season.
  5. Pruning: Remove dead leaves and stems as needed. Prune back yellow or dead leaves to keep the plant looking neat.
  6. Propagation: Propagate by division or by planting offsets (suckers) that form at the base of the plant.
  7. Pests & Diseases: Can be susceptible to pests like scale insects and mealybugs, and diseases like root rot and Fusarium wilt. Keep an eye out for these issues and treat promptly.

Height: 3m
Spread: 3m
Origin: S.E. Asia, N. Australia
Family: Musaceae

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