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Etisalat Al Kifaf - Commercial Plant Décor and Custom Wood Design

Growhub indoor plant décor services give you a positive, welcoming environment that offers a lasting impression. With live foliage and greenery, we brighten dark building corners, bring color and life to empty walls, and provide your employees with new sights, and fresh smells.

Wherever you are, Growhub designs, installs, and services a wide range of indoor plants, office plants, interior landscaping, and a complete interior plant service to businesses of all types and sizes. 

Project Specifications

Scope: Commercial Plant Décor and Custom Wood Design
Area: Dubai 
Year: 2022

Project Scope

Soft Landscaping & Irrigation
Hard Landscaping
Grass & Plant Supply
Zen Garden
Landscape Maintenance

Design and Consultancy

Wooden Planters

Indoor Plants Supply

Artificial Plants


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" Indoor plants to beautify your built environment. "