Plant Scaping for a Villa
Creating a Outdoor Garden
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Outdoor Garden
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Plant Scaping for a Villa in Dubai Hills

The modern villa’s landscape design features a garden, an open-air seating space, and an outdoor lounge. A large portion of the villa’s landscaping has been set aside for various outdoor activities.

The elegant design is highlighted by a unique boundary wall design with creative lighting around the region that looks beautiful at night.

Project Specifications

Scope: Landscaping
Area: Dubai Hills
Year: 2022

Project Scope

Soft Landscaping & Irrigation
Hard Landscaping
Grass & Plant Supply
Zen Garden
Landscape Maintenance

Softscape & Irrigation


Outdoor Plant Supply

Artificial Turf

Landscape Lighting

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" A neutral color palette creates a modern, clean setting that does not compete with the natural view. "

Outdoor Garden Landscaping